Bird Trapping and Bird Control

bird control service comprises of some techniques and schemes include a range of techniques to capture birds for their population bird spikes or any other purpose. Capturing birds for food does demands to capture them alive, however there are some bird trapping techniques in which bird can be captured without any harm. Bird trapping is usually used to protect your home, trees, and garden from wild birds.

Also every bird trapping technique includes the utilization of food to attract birds into the trap. Decoy, food, water are resources to bring birds into your trap. However use of chemicals on crops to capture them is not called trapping. Some major bird trapping techniques are

  • Clap traps

  • Corral traps

Clap traps: Clap traps consist of spring-loaded frames with netting that comes close rapidly when the trap is precipitated by any bird. Clap traps are usually used to capture ground birds. They can be set up at places normally used by birds such as near a lake.

Corral Traps: Corral Traps have a small appearance to enter which can be captivated and reduce or driven and the entrance normally steered to larger holding corral. Corral traps are used on large scales.

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